Whether you’re an emerging business operating lean or an established brand expanding into new revenue streams, we’ve got your back ... and your front.

Our full­-service design and development team has decades of combined experience creating apparel, accessories and footwear that have generated multi-million­ dollar sales.

Together, we can develop inspired collections that bolster sales.

Our team specializes in:

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Creative Direction
  • Handbags
  • Footwear
  • Luggage & Travel Accessories
  • Mobile & Tech Accessories
  • Wearable Technology Components
  • Private Label
  • Vertical Integration

We begin by understanding your brand and its customers. Then we concept a product that’s cohesive with your brand and curated just for you. Our streamlined design and development timelines ensure on­-target delivery. Every time.